The intensity of the Capitalism Crisis, which emerged in 2008, manifested the structural nature of this crisis. Then, it set off a surge of worldwide anti-capitalism protests, of which the “Wall Street Protest Movement” became an epitome. The latter proved that, the sheer majority of the world population abhors the current social- economic system; and they are in pursuit of a radical alternative in place of the anti-human and anti-nature system of capitalism. From Tunisia to Los Angles, from Istanbul to Sao Paulo and Cairo and tens of other cities around the word, tens of millions of people in demonstrations, rallies and clashes with capitalism’s police, showed their disillusionment towards Parliamentary elections, Trade Unions and spectrum of political parties to bring about a radical change. They did not sit idle, waiting for the next elections, nor did they take grievances to local MP, political party, workplace branch of Trade Union and local employment office. Disregarding gender, colour, career and language differentiations, they marched through the streets, in order to ask and answer two fundamental questions, i.e. “what is an alternative to capitalism” and “how to get organised and struggle to build a humane and environmentally friendly society”.

However, being a young movement, in its first phase of attacking Capitalist wage-slavery system, the movement was not able to offer transparent answers to the above fundamental two questions. The capitalism’s police cleared their tent parks and pronounced the park as a private land. The police arrested young protesters and sprayed pepper gas in the eyes their 80 year old comrade.

However, in spite of police savagery, the movement of 99% is alive and kicking; because, the inhumane social relation of wage-slavery continues to cause misery for humanity. The recent astonishing protests in Turkey and Brazil are testimony to this claim.

Thus, world working class, and all its progressive and forward looking activists shall endeavour to find clear and practical answers to these fundamental questions of “Wall street movement”.

The “Manifesto of Beehive” is a contribution by a few anti-capitalist activists to answer the very important questions that the structural crisis of the capitalist system as well as the “Wall Street protest” movement’s experience poses to the humanity in 2012.

The shall try to contribute to the on-going international anti-capitalist movement by printing the pro and critical articles about this manifest in its pages.

The does not make any claims for organising this international movement, but by reflecting the positive and negative experiences of the anti-capitalist activists, including the militants and organisers of “Wall Street protest” movement shall try to contribute to the better organisation of the anti-wage slavery in future.

Please send us your critical, complementary or supportive views regarding the suggested Beehive manifest, as well as your experiences from “Wall Street protest” movement. shall not publish offensive articles, Photos, Videos and irrelevant materials.